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    An explosion of colors shed on canvas.

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    Began her approach to the arts as a child, in the dazzie of the work of her uncle Claude Roiez. Out of curiosity and audacity, her first Works appear on oil on canvas, inspired by the great names of painting.
    It is in the technique of acrylic on canvas that she best explore her inspirations, pouring them freely, spontaneously and boldly.
    In her atelier she builds everything from scratch, the choice of woods, canvases, to the crafting and finishing. This work says Not only does it allow me to control the quality of the material, but it brings me closer to the canvas from its essence.
    Exhibits in Oporto in 2015 in various spaces on invitiation. In 2016, due to her work as a teacher she heads to Algarve. And it is in the Mediterranean uprising that her last Works have arisen.
    Regularly she creates works on demand for portraits and others, for private and corporate customers.

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